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Default Re: Hookahs and Starbucks

i've never had any issue with smoking in public places
then again, mine usually consists of the sidewalk outside of my apt complex, where cops drive by at least 6 times per bowl. i've never been stopped and questioned about it, and i usually look them straight in the eye as they pass.

Others at The Ohio State University smoke their hookahs on campus benches or in our "oval" courtyard, and it's never been a problem. This is actually how i came to learn about hookah, by a gigantic 12 man circle on the sidewalk i used everyday to go from class to my apartment.

A friend of mine had his taken away by a cop, and the cop broke it, and he took his case to court and ended up getting a check from the state for like $100 due to damaged property.

Private property and business owners are a completely seperate ordeal. you have to do what they want while you're on their property, or you have to stay off, that's the law. if you're asked to leave, just go somewhere else, but state owned parks and public access places should be completely legal to smoke at

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