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Default Re: Hookahs and Starbucks

Originally Posted by Gift3d View Post
Smoking anywhere remotely in public is practically banned in nearly everywhere i've heard of. I've been bitched and moaned at by little minicops in bicycles for smoking a cigarette in a park on an uninhabited soccer field. And the law doesn't matter when it comes to police. They will tell you what they want in order to seem like the good guy, and if you don't follow what they say, they're allowed to be as huge of unfair jackasses as they'd like to be. You're always wrong with the law. Always.

It's the world we live in, an ugly one at that. Sorry to hear about your experience.

That happens almost all the time here in Washington. We have this stupid policy designed around a "Smoke-free Washington". Any public location, parks included, are smoke free. I can't light up my hookah in public without being seen as a criminal.
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