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Default Re: Which Hookah should i buy?

The tubing is larger (in diameter) on an egyptian hookah. Even egyptian hoses are typically larger than those of Syrian or Tunisian make. This means that you inhale more (unrestricted) each time you hit it, plus the bowl (being that more air is flowing through it) gets hotter and burns the tobacco faster. If you get 2 hours on a KM then at least 3 on a Nour. This is why most Hookah lounges that wanna make more money use egyptian hookahs, so that you get a new head every hour (with 3 smokers) and hookah lounges that want you to stay and enjoy the thing use Syrians... At least if they're old school and know what they're doing.
Like I said, it doesn't mean either is better, but depends on your personal preference.
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