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Default My KM Thalata arrived... pics inside!

Thanks to mattarios2 who helped me get the KM Thalata (HC wouldn't ship to Canada, so I had it shipped to him and he shipped it to me), I am now the proud owner of my first quality Hookah, and the cherry on top is that it's a KM!


I had three bowls tonight.

1- Tangiers Kashmir Cheery and Coco Naras
2- AF Caffe Latte with Jap Easy Lite
3- AF Melon with Jap Easy Lite

Tangiers bowl was beyond disgusting. Harsh smoke, even with two coco naras, tasted like coal, and the cherry taste was not good. It acclimated for 12 hours and was packed tightly with the shisha barely touching the glass screen.

AF Latte was delicious. The smoke was dense, huge clouds, and taste was wonderful. Great bowl.

AF Melon was even better taste and smoke was, but I dont like the flavor much...

I don`t know wtf it is with Tangiers, Im gonna try with foil and not the glass screen because the combo is just killing it I thing, too much of a noob yet.

Could I have a bad box of Cocos? Theyre just awful... had 3 bowls with my generic hookah before the KM arrived and it was just that bad.

Plus, who do I have to pay to get the flavors I really wanted? I've been wanting some SB Blue Myst, Xmas Mix, and some other tangiers flavor. I've been looking every day for 10 days both on HS and MNH and they're still out of stock.

I've spent over 500$ over the last 2 weeks to get the best hookah experience and although so far it's been ok, I want AMAZING.

Oh and my Kashmir Peach experience with cocos in my generic hookah was just as bad as tonight's tangiers experience.

Still, the Hookah is pretty
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