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Default Re: Tangiers Dogging

First off sznapsy, this post is not directed at you ... this is directed at everybody, and also note that this is only my opinion ...

I find this topic to be both annoying and insulting ... and it is about time I voice my opinion, because I am not one to keep it to myself, and nobody else here should have to keep it to themselves because you disagree with it. There are always going to be mixed reviews on products. What one member likes another member will not ...

Now about the intentions of this thread ... This is pretty much saying, that the only members that complain about Tangiers not smoking right, are the members that don't know what they are doing. I completely disagree with that statement, because a lot of us members that are saying we don't like it, do have plenty of experience smoking shisha. You can throw around the whole, "Oh your not doing this right, or you gotta do that", but come on, we all know the drill, we've heard the "instructions" a million times, and have incorporated "ALL of them" and done our best to accommodate this fussy shisha. Yet we continue to have problems with it ...

Members here have a friggen right to say what they like and don't like! ESPECIALLY here!
... And you can take that opinion or leave it alone ... and that comes from BOTH sides, meaning the positive and the negative about a particular product. And make your own conclusion using that information.

Personally, I gave it a good couple of tries and failed with it each time, got to be a little tolerable towards the end, but I can easily go into my shisha drawer and pull out any number of shisha in it and get it to smoke and taste amazing, and very enjoyable as well. I bet I could have you saying, Mmmmm this is amazing! I'll stick to those brands/flavors, thank you very much! They don't require 1/10th the effort (and as you say, Skill) it takes to smoke Tangiers.

I have 4 samples of Tangiers that someone sent me because they didn't want to bother trying to get it to smoke any longer. This member gave up, and was a very experienced smoker! I am actually planning on giving it another chance, and trying it out, to try and get something out of it besides the BBQ smell/taste. I am going to try the Kashmir Peach, since that seems to be in the top 3. If I can't get that to smoke, I am done trying! And I will write my review either way. And I will maintain my formulated opinion due to real experience with it.

Speaking of reviews and voicing of opinions ... I for one, will most certainly voice my opinion on a product I feel very strongly about, so that I can share my positives about a product as well as my negatives. I most certainly am not here to bitch about a product I don't like, I got better things to do, I will on occasion though, especially when I really dislike something. I feel very strongly that members here should know "real world" reviews from "real people"!!!

I would like to use Dunkel's challenge ... "anyone who has smoking Tangiers "down" and you are ever near Jacksonville, FL and you want to come meet me and hang out for an afternoon/evening come share a session with me. If you can make Tangiers taste like anything but Bar b Que grease and blackstrap molasses, I'll shake your hand and admit I'm wrong." .Period
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