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Default Re: Hookahs and Starbucks

Wow what happened here was just complete stupidity from an uneducated fool. Good on you for being generous enough to simply put it away. If you had retaliated with foul language or anything more, it would have made it even more of a problem for you and your wife. But yes I must say I agree with everyone that is saying "Smoking is illegal at almost all places." You're right. It's like you have to leave Earth to have a smoke these days LOL. Have your coffee at Starbucks if you like that but smoke your hookah inside the privacy of your own home...then if you get the same person knocking on your door and telling you to stop, feel free to drop that fool like a bad habit...because it'd be perfectly legal and they'd be trespassing on YOUR property my friend. When the cops show up what will they do? They'll probably say "You can't do that sir" but you have already done it so the job is complete
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