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Default Re: Coconare - Overhyped

i think you maths is a bit wrong with the exoticas, i can pick up a box from mnhookah for $8, so that works out to $0.08 per coal, and if you get the offer for 3 boxes for 20 bucks it like $0.06

but for the other coals great job, and like what someone else said we gotta take into consideration how many coals you use, and also for how long it burns, so if you want a properly estimate it would be quiet long and different for different ppl

Originally Posted by MrBungle View Post
if anyone is curious about cost, here's the math. ******* natural coals with shipping cost 19 cents a piece. If you order coco naras from their site(cheapest), they're 21 cents a piece. If you order the 3x84pcs it comes out to 18 cents a piece. If you cut exoticas into 1/4's you get 100 pieces per box. From the sites I checked, a box shipped averaged around $17. That would make it 17 cents a piece.

******* Naturals: $0.19 pc.
CocoNara: $0.21 pc./$0.18 pc.(3x84pc. special)
Exotica: $0.17 pc.

Once you break it down, I don't see how people can complain about how "over priced" coco naras are.

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