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Default Re: Tangiers Dogging

In no way to i think that people can't get tangiers to smoke don't have skill or anything of that sort because it has nothing to do with that. Tangiers is just extremely hard to get used to in the first place to where it isn't a throat tickler. I didn't mean my post like that, I just wanted to see why people ALWAYS dog on tangiers like in every post its mentioned thats all.

Tangiers doesn't have a technique, since i have tried other's technique's and they don't work. I just messed with it until i got it right...I do admit its a pain in the ass, but one that's worth it for me. Next time i'm visiting friends in Jacksonville (they go to UF) I will defiently have to stop buy and let you see my view point.

The other thing that people don't take into perspective that different hummidities require less heat, and different weather conditions will require different techniques and adjusting of the heat. Heat management on tangiers isn't really a skill thing its a luck thing, and you perfect it to get luckier just by experience with the product.

I don't consider tangiers to be anytihng like any other shisha, you need tangiers experience to know how to smoke it, not shisha experience. Don't take what I am saying wrong, but you could be extremely experienced with shisha or completely un-experienced, and not be able to smoke tangiers. Everything you know about hookah almost needs to be left at the door when you start with tangiers, your experience means absolutely nothing.

Also, I don't care what people think of me as far as my "skill" level, I can make a good bowl and that's it. Why does it matter? Basically most of the active people on the forums are of the best, because there really isn't anything more you can know then what the people on here know. It's not like there is endless amounts of information on hookah it gets to a point where you reach the top and that's it.
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