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Default Re: Coconare - Overhyped

Don't get me wrong, i'm not trying to bash any of these coals here. I have been using all of them and some are straight up better than others IMO. Exoticas are good because of their ability to make custom sizes. ******* coals are good because they light fast and you get a lot of em. Coco naras are good because they barely ash and when they're small they output great heat. My only complaints about CH coals is they ash more than CCN's and output less heat towards the tail end(but the flavor is usually fading by then anyway so no big deal). So really, I just had to move/ash them more often than CCN's. For a small phunnel i'll use 2 pieces of any of the above coal and a wind cover for excellent smoke and flavor. I have only ordered from john the last however many times because his prices and service are excellent. hell, I don't even use the discount. FBD, you can't form an opinion on something if you haven't tried it . Kwikwi - I don't see Exotica on here and yet so many people praise them. I can't see not liking a product because the company doesn't go on a forum. Maybe other forums don't buy from john for the same reason? Also, It's great that the shipping is flat rate but if I just need coals it'll cost me almost $25. I think thats the reason why I have so much damn tobacco LOL...thanks john . So, what i'm trying to get at here is this. Whatever gets my bowl smoking, i'm gonna use. No need to bring hookah politics to the table. John is my favorite vendor and he really cares about his customers. I'm giving out samples to the hookah lounge once I get the box of QL's I ordered. The owners and I were discussing how bad QL's tasted and they will be blown away by these coals. Once again i'm not trying to bash john or anyone else here, just trying to show everyone what theyre getting for their money.

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