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Default Flavour advice!

Rite so ive got these two mates and they both buy wholesale Al-Fakher direct from dubai and from the company i think(they supply to shops) so i pretty much smoke al fakher -thats it- since i get it near enough free from my mates but the thing is one of the mates has mostly 07 BATCHS can any1 tell me if tht year was bad? nd wot years r good? or dont it mke any difference at all? also ive startd to get 250g tubs instead of 50g does dat mke a differnce? the other mate has i think 08 batches but he charges a bit more even with th friend discount..

on another subject can anyone tell me wots the differece if i add ice to the water in a shisha?

last request can people tell me the best al-fakher flavours or there preferences as tht wud be nice to no as i havnt tried all the flavours yet nd only get typical 1z

Thanks! sorry bout the questions but i need the wisdom of all you shisha pro's!!!

P.s im from the uk
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