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Default Re: Coconare - Overhyped

I would use Exoticas if they worked where I live, but for whatever reason, they absolutely do not in any way and havn't since the first batch almost a year ago. My Coconaras stay lit, 2 let off the perfect heat for most of my bowls (i agree 3 will scorch), they are not from trees (which are scientifically proven to be a vital part of human survival, and the coconut is not unfortunately).

I buy Coconaras mainly because that they are not much mroe expensive than Exoticas and they do not kill a tree, just a coconut. The Coconut coals from HookahCompany are 10 bucks, and last almost as long as 1/4 an Exotica, and are therefore better quality. It's like buying food from a grocery store compared to buying from Whole Foods Market.

Now that John's coconut coals are here, which i have not had the opportunity to try the nat's yet, I think Exoticas will finally be stomped away and die the slow death they deserve.
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