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Originally Posted by squareben View Post - ill look into it! I dont like the idea of tobacco...i smoke it but i cant stand cigarrettes - i know shisha is a bit better but still...
Thanks for the help!
I don't get the not liking tobacco thing. Saying you don't like tobacco because of cigarettes is like saying you hate wine because MD 20/20 tastes like crap or saying you hate beef because McDonalds hamburgers are junk.

If you are talking about health the reality is that anti-tobacco research is and always has been junk science. I will also point out that no reason exists to think that smoking crushed sugar cane/glycerin/molasses is somehow less harmful then smoking tobacco/glycerin/molasses.

Being herbal doesn't make something less harmful then any other type of organic matter in and of it self. So called herbal shisha is not herbal as sugar cane is not a herb.
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