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Default Re: Tangiers Dogging

I've smoked Tangiers, I like it, but it's alittle strong for my tastes. Some flavors are definatly better than others (Eric is working on them). It takes pratice to get it right, some people get it right first time, some never do - it's not an easy shisha, but at times is well worth it.

The only major issue I have with Tangiers if the "added" items one should (not have to) buy in order to fully enjoy the tobacco. Thankfully most of the items can be used with other brands as well, it's just slightly annoying.

Now I'll say this once, like several other members here, I don't like the discord circling around Tangiers and who can/can not smoke it and why. It's just tobacco - it's not a life altering moment, the world won't end. If you dislike it, fine - peachy, post a review and you have stated your opnion. You love it, great - review and maybe offer suggestions to those who want to try.

I suggest that if you want to try Tangiers, go for it. When it works right, it's a good smoke. It's strong, flavorful (maybe not what you like, but it's there), and a good smoke.... just not for everbody. And be aware it may taking some tweaking (to heck and back) in order to fully enjoy it. Good luck!

You'll never know what you like unless you take a chance and try it.
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