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Default Re: Major accident.... leave yor coals away from the hookah!

Originally Posted by shotokan88 View Post
last friday I was invited to a party and given permission to bring my hookah. I set up my hookah and I was the center or the party because alot of the people didn't know what a hookah was and many had some distorted views on what it is used to smoke. I felt so cool educating and intruducing people to hookahs and showing off some cool tricks. the coals on the hookah had gotten small so the smoke was getting lighter so I lit a couple of instant light coals. the first one lit fine so i placed it on the hookah. The second one was giving me some trouble, I had to keep putting a flame on it so that it would fully light then all the sudden half of it exploded. its sent hundreds of small chunks of coal on me. I was wearing my favorite shirt that was very very comfortable but the tiny chuncks of coal burned about 12 small holes in my shirt. I Jumped up because it burned my skin and i dropped the other half of the coal on the coffee table leaving a burn mark. suddenly I wasn't so cool and I'm not sure I'll get invited to a party like that one anymore. LOL. I have a bunch of small burn marks on my chest and stomach now that fit the holes on my shirt perfectly

i know this feeling but at least it was smoking good at first lol the burning thing works but you have to put the coal out on your eye....... just sayin its a real crowd winner
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