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Default Re: Tangiers Dogging

I guess I was one of the so called haters or tangiers doggers. let me explain my position first before you criticize me. Smoking Shisha for me is supposed to be pleasant to the senses, with Tangiers its not. I have made a few references to the crappy taste, smell, and procedure to smoke it. I have also started a thread pondering what makes it so good, hoping someone could shed some light. But I am just expressing MY opinion and here it is again. New smokers are roped into the Mya and Tangiers facade. For instance, as a test I went to forum X and did a search on keyword Tangiers, in titles only, in the general hookah topics forum. The search shut off at 1000 topics! And 80% of those topics were about how aweful the session is or asking how to get it right, the other 20% were a select few people who sing its praises. Why is it wrong for me to post my personal opinion on shisha that detracts from my smoking experience? I bought into it, I tried it 2X and have the same results 2X.
Here are the instructions I have heard on how to make it work.
1. Acclimate for at least 3 hours but up to 24 hours
2. Dont fluff tobacco keep it mashed together
3. load bowl nice and tight all the way to the top
4. Use correct hole pattern
5. Heat management is a must, if you mess it up, you cant recover, pack a new bowl.
6. Its not for new smokers
7. Throat tickle will happen
Here is my problem, it stinks, it doesnt taste flavorful, its picky on the heat, its not for new smokers.
Now my tobacco
1. Buy tub, fluff tobacco and drop in the bowl.
2. jam holes in foil
3. if you mess up the heat either add a coal or take one off and let it come back to you
4. Sit back and enjoy a flavorful smoke
I see too many people running around singing the praises of Tangiers and Mya and then new smokers waste their money and fail to begin with because of subpar equipment in my opinion and tobacco that is not easy to make work. So go ahead and bash me if you will, these are my opinions and I am entitled to them. I do not make threads to bash a mfg or vendor, I do voice my personal opinion when the situation arises.
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