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There isn't a Perfect (everytime) Hookah session. It take practice and patience to learn how to set it up right.

1: what type of rig are you using? If it's a cheap, poorly made rig, you'll probably NEVER get a decent smoke from it.

2: what brand of tobacco are you using? Certain brands need more "care" with heating and packing.

3: What type & Brand of coals are you using? And you are making sure they are completely LIT before smoking, right? Bad coals can make or break a session.

4: Is your hookah clean? Is your hose good?

There are ALOT of things that could be effecting you sessions and making things difficult for you.

PS: Try to use LESS liquor in your BASE. A shot or two is MORE than enough to flavor and give a small buzz. Too much and you can get VERY SICK very fast, plus it will become unsmokable.
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