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Default Re: Al Fakher Apple vs. Double Apple

Originally Posted by The Egyptian View Post
Thanx Wharbone but it would cost a leg and an arm to ship it to Egypt lol ..... Anyways I got now a 50 gm pack of Apple and another of Double Apple. I will still have to try Double Apple and the one I will like more will go ahead and get a 250g pack since it saves more (costs 4 times as much as the 50g pack)

Mattathayde, it's a matter of taste, I myself like the sweet candyish taste.
Funny you'd have to import AF as I always assumed they sold it in Egypt. In any case, since you are in Egypt you should get Shh 'el-beled (it's from Tunisia but i've bought in Cairo) which is much better then maossel from the gulf.

As to apple AF is alright but I think that Al Emir is better and Salloum Bahreny the best apple around (it's made in Egypt and very cheap to boot!)

As to double apple i'd say that AF Bahrainin or Afzal Silver Fox are the best. They both are quite different but very good.
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