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Default Re: So i was in berkeley...

Originally Posted by thesauce310 View Post
o0o0o00o man i know how you feel i just came from berkeley my girlfriend goes to CAL. all the hookah shops over there are gips. they all say "smell this flavor its the best there is trust me". "these are the best coal trust me". Which one did you go to cause I know the 3 on telegraph and the other one on university. was it bigger than the other smoke shops. i love the enviornment, hate the smoke shops. They're all the same. "they're the best man" pfffff siiiiike. but make sure you pick up a slice of Fat Slice while you're laughing at their prices.
I wasn't going to name names but it was Hi Times. There prices for hookahs actually aren't all that bad but they do try to scam you on coals and shisha. My friend got some Nakhla 50g for $5.

Every time i go to Berkeley my friends and i get fat slice.
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