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Default Thicker smoke (revisited)

Hey guys,

I'm new here, been smoking hookah for about a year now. I posted an introduction on the welcome thread also.

I had a few questions that I don't think have been answered directly through the search function yet, so here it goes.

I can get good flavor, and decent smoke, but never the density that I really want occasionally for just having fun, blowing rings, etc. It seems that I always get the thickest smoke after the bowl has been fully heated up, maybe about 20-30 minutes, right when it's on the border of being harsh. I always seem to have that fine line of getting thick smoke, and then the bowl getting slightly harsh, which might be normal...?? I think I'm more sensitive to harsh smoke, which is probably why I can't get, or should I say aren't willing to get thicker smoke at the price of the shisha getting harsh.

My setup right now is a KM 40" Exotica (but I should be breaking in my Nour Syrian if it comes today), KM hose (or homemade Lowe's hoses) Starbuzz 80% of the time otherwise AF usually, small Tangiers phunnel bowl, 3 ******* hookah naturals, and a spacer. I use a small spacer in the middle of the bowl (similar to the scali mod turned upside down, I found an old aluminum drawer knob that fit perfectly) so my coals don't "drift" to the middle, and it keeps them equally separated around the edge of the bowl for a more consistent heat I think. My foil pattern is one sheet of heavy alum foil, with two circles at the edges, small-ish holes. I tried using cold water, ice, etc. but never really noticed much of a difference so I went back to just room temperature.

It may just be that I prevent myself from getting thicker smoke because I really don't like the smoke being harsh at all, even the slightest bit. I guess my main question is, the harshness of the smoke is different for everyone, but can you truly get thick clouds without it getting the SLIGHTEST bit harsh? (Phenom, awesome videos by the way.)


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