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Default Re: Thicker smoke (revisited)

Originally Posted by Lakemonster View Post
Ive found that when the coals start to die down that it doesnt create enough heat to to provide big clouds....and that the smoke becomes thin and harsh. As long as the shisha inst taking on a scorched taste, and it is harsh and thin...add a little more coal.

I take and break all my QL's in half just for this purpose....I can add a little more without putting too much heat into play.
Interesting. Harsh for me is when I get to the point where I can't take a decent, long hit because it irritates my throat. I was thinking it was from too much heat, you think it could also be from not enough heat? I've tried anywhere from two coals broken up in halves and placing them around the bowl, to 4 coals evenly spaced. I've also tried more holes to get some fresh air to mix with the heat, or just having holes directly under the coal. They both work, but neither gives me consistent results throughout any length of time. My main problem is finding a setup that works throughout the bowl and managing the heat.
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