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Default Re: Thicker smoke (revisited)

Originally Posted by Falhini View Post
Maybe try poking another set of holes in the foil so the shisha can get a little more heat. I normally poke 3 sets of circles into my foil during my setup.
I've tried 3, but wasn't sure if I was getting more heat, or letting in more fresh air which meant less heat. I think I'll go back to 3 circles, and 4 coals. I know it sounds like alot, but it seems that when I have 4 coals around the edges it distributes the heat better across more shisha, but doesn't burn it. Another thing, I tend to pack the shisha very low so it's away from the foil, but still loosely. I find that it always gets harsh when it's too close to the foil. I also make sure the foil is very tight and doesn't sag. Would not enough shisha cause problems too?
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