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Default Re: Brass Core Hookah Question for you metal heads

Brass and coppe will turn that lovely shade of green. Also long as your not ingesting large chunks of the green stuff, it's not gonna cause you much issue. (I think). It's basically tranish, oxadation of the metals into the greeen stuff. If it was rust, I would worry.

My gold hookah turns darker (but not green yet). My two enamled Syrains have that green stuff on the bottom of the "heart" section by the holes and downstem. Nothing short of a wirebrush takes it off and then it's back within a month of use anyways. Even my brass coal *** gets that way if I left the water (after putting out the coals) in it too long.

Maybe one of the others will state diffenertly, but I still use those 2 hookahs and my coal pit.
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