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Default Local hookah Guru

I guess it's all a matter of circumstance.

Well my local tobacco shop has always had a shitty selection of hookah tobacco and this was because the owner of the establishment stopped selling most hookah related products because he did not want to promote NHT. Around five layalina flavors, basic coals and no pipes or any other accessories.
I agree with his decision but always hated that the true smokers have to suffer for the stupidity and poor decisions of others.

I am good friends with one of the long term employees of this smoke shop and he began working on his boss and letting him know that hookah has a following completely removed from NHT and that our friends are perfect examples of it. The message got through and he picked up a couple more layalina flavors and even upgraded to three kings. Apparently they just picked up a couple jewel flavors and now his boss is actually excited about bringing it back .

Now he wants to talk to me because my name kept coming up in conversation about hookah knowledge. So I am doing my research in prep for the meeting on thursday (I am going to a cigar tasting and we are talking business lol, how proffessional)

So far I know for a fact I am pushing for a few main points. He is a fruggal businessman so lower costs will always make him happy. Also keeping it reasonable for me to buy locally is a goal.



Wider selection
larger sizes (anything above 50g :P)

I will not suggest SB. sorry SB lovers but the cost is too high. I have never even tried it because it's not cost efficient.
AF and nakhla will be easy. Relatively low cost for a quality product.

Tangiers will be a little harder. Should be special ordered from Eric and the rest but the owner apparently has a supplier he uses and trusts. I think I can hook him with the fact that it is all american grown tobacco. He is a cigar fan first and foremost and a maduro smoker.

Any other suggestions?
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