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Originally Posted by Huskysibe
You wont regret it man, I went from a Mya to the KM and it has enhanced my smoking experience 3 fold to say the least. Its definantly an awakening.
Which model Mya did you have before? How much better is the KM compared to the Mya in flavor and smoke density? I'm asking because I have a 33 inch Egyptian (red isis in the review section), that looks almost identical to certain KM models...I can't really see there being much difference between my egyptian and the KM performance wise if they even look the same. My egyptian has no leaks and smokes like a champ, but my Mya is WAY I'm just interested in a more detailed description of why a KM is better than a Mya...

Edit: Ok, never mind...I just answered my own question by going through the "which hookah do you have" thread...No wonder you noticed an improvement when you switched to KM...the Mya QT will never smoke as great as Mya's taller and more expensive offerings...My friend has a 13 inch Mya Diva, and let's just say he will always rather smoke out of my 30 inch Mya Blue Column, simply because his little Diva doesn't smoke or taste half as good as mine... seems like there really is a vast difference between the short and tall Mya's...I'm kind of skeptical of a KM being better than my Mya, I don't know, I think I'd have to try it first (orlando meet up) before I would ever consider buying it...
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