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Default any one acclimating tangiers in a higher humidity area like va?

ok so i got some tangiers about 2 weeks ago, ive been acclimating it and it just doesnt seem to get to what it should be, my schnozzberry i got acclimated in like 3 or 4 hours (it was leaking though so it might have kinda of acclimated before i started it). but the lime and grape i have that were perfectly packaged just wont get to the right level. the lime is getting closer but ive acclimated the lime for over 40 hours (did most of it as the whole thing and then just a little bit by it self for a while) and the grape over 60 (same as the lime being full package then just a little bit).

ive stirred it up a lot, tried full uncovered, partially covered, cracked top. the little bits i pulled out ive left in front of a fan to try and get it to acclimate faster but it still isnt getting there. i have a hint of flavor but it has a slight bbq/almost burnt/chemically taste to it too, not the tangiers i know and love. this is the first time ive really acclimated the stuff (usually just smoked it at the lounge).

i called eric at tangiers and he suggest even trying to put it in the freezer or fridge for a little bit to help it dry out since it is relatively humid here but i only tried a little grape in there for about 2 hours and it seemed to help it some but idk.

im leaving a little grape out over night in a butter container half covered to see if that helps it but idk what to do at this point.

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