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Default Re: Glass bowl "Shisha saver" NEED HELP!!!

not in hand glass blowing, it hardens way to quickly. the type of glass pyrex is, is used for lamp working. my glass instructor was just explaining this to us yesterday. pyrex if you melt it, by the time you are able to work it it has hardened, the heat has to be kept on it (thus the reason its used in lamp working so it can be formed, removed from heat, and its shape kept after a very short period of time so you can move on to the next bend)

just because glass is hard and wont break doesnt mean its pyrex either, it just depends how it is tempered, yes pyrex is resilient but it is not as workable either. the other glass bowls on the market and the screens appear to be softglass due to al the decorations on them with the colored glass


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