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Default CH quick light vs. CH naturals vs. coconara

Last night I tried out all both of the CH coals and coconara side by side.
All three were on the same bowl and this is my opinion of each.

I lit both of the naturals together on the stove and removed them together once both were well lit. They seemed to take about the same time to be fully lit.

Once those two were on the bowl I went outside and lit the quick light. Took next to no time but kills with the smell. Fireworks. As stated many times before do it outside or with amazing ventilation. The flames are not necessary but do help the coal light faster. If you give a quick puff of air you can blow them out and let the coal smolder like a more conventional quick light.

I could not easily tell which of the coals burned hotter because they were all on the same bowl

For duration the quick light wins.
They are a bit bigger than the other two coals and that is to make room for the ignition compound that is incorporated in the coal. Perhaps they were compensating for the lost mass by making the coals bigger and overshot. I am ok with it. Makes for a nice long lasting coal.

For ash it a tie between the two naturals.
Easily ashed and nice heat.
The quick light has an odd ash. It stick to the coal a bit more than the other coals. It is sometimes very difficult to remove from the coal and requires a little scraping.

The ash of both CH coals has a sandy texture that has been discussed. I see no issues with this and take it as an opportunity to scour my ash tray every time I clean it.

Cost goes to the CH coals.
coconara are expensive. Both CH coals are cheaper and give you more coal in each box. Both CH coals are the same price. The difference in the number of coals in each is offset by the increased duration and the QL feature.

My vote, between these three coals, goes to the CH quick light.
great duration and heat
convenient ignition
Less waste of energy through gas or electric bill.
The ash is a minor inconvenience that is far outweighed by the benefits.
no imparted flavor or harshness
Very cost efficient compared to other similar coals
There are cheaper options but I believe these are worth the cost and then some.

I hope this helps out.

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