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Default Re: Thicker smoke (revisited)

Originally Posted by Vegasdrummer View Post
Another technique I found helpful with phunnel bowls, is to take all the shisha you are going to use and put it one a surface and separate everything. Pick it up in your hands and loosen it up. Fluff it if you will. Than you can mix really well, plus sometimes I find myself using a little less shisha. For some reason this helps me get bigger more consistent clouds.
That's exactly what I found too. I always try to make it as loose as possible but still keep it as far away from the foil as possible. I have problems with it getting harsh by using too much shisha all the way to the rim. If I'm away from home, driving, etc I'll use my bowl/windcover combo with only one coal in the middle and very little shisha at the bottom of the bowl. It works great, it's safe too as the coals can't fall out.
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