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Default Re: Major accident.... leave yor coals away from the hookah!

lol i've got one...
We were having a party and we were smoking out of a tall hookah my friend made at his shop, (like 5 feet it's slightly unstable so we smoke outside. Well I was in my kitchen lighting about 4 natural coals, when they were done I placed them in a coal carrier and proceeded to walk across my living room and out my sliding glass door to the patio to smoke.

At the sliding glass door way were my two friends who were both very intoxicated, (i was still pretty sober, so this is not my

One of them in perfect timing reached out for a full arm slap at my other friends face, however his hand hit my coal carrier instead, sending the coals falling towards my two nice wood tables. Upon contact with the tables they shatter into 1000s of pieces, burning the table, and burning the carpet, it was horrible. The room was filled with silence as I watched 100's of little holes burn into my carpet.

I didn't even care to save the coals, I just didn't want my place going up in flames. So i grabbed a glass of water and a rag and dipped and extinguished as many large pieces as I could before saying forget it, and dumping water over the entire area. A steamcleaning later, I just have about 50 holes about finger-tip deep.

The moral of the story? If you are drunk at a hookah party, do not slap anywhere near the hookah, otherwise you end up forking out $500 to replace carpet and a table.

However, after the deep cleaning, I asked the group, "So shall we smoke some hookah?"
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