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Default A great session (recipe inside)

So the other day we were throwing a small hookah-party. My neighbor is in the navy and when he came back from leave I had purchased a larger hookah, and gave him my small "coffee table" hookah as a gift. So to break them in on how to smoke and setup their hookah, I invited a few friends over and broke out my three hose and my big new hookah.

Lately, I have been using Fuse in the base. It's a quick and easy, and very tasty addition! So I have a few bottles left in the fridge and for the small hookah I used AF peach with a hint of mint, but not premixed together.

Bowl setup:
Just a pinch of AF mint on the bottom, and the rest filled with peach, just to the rim, not tightly packed, "still fluffy."

Vase setup:
I filled the vase with ALOT of ice, about 1/3rd of the way full with ice. I found with the small hookah you need a ton of ice to keep it cool. I filled the vase with Strawberry Guava juice up to the top of the ice, then filled the rest with iced peppermint tea, (upto about 1 inch above the stem).

Coal setup:
I used what I had given them (some Japanese Silvercoated coals) and as for the foil just poked 3 rows of circles with a slightly larger hole in the center. I put 3 square coals in a triangle around the edges. After about 5 minutes the hookah was pulling like a champ, even for a small hookah.

Tasted great, you get a quick cooling mint flavor followed by the peach, then an after taste of mint/strawberry from the juice. It was consitant flavor as well. They loved it and everyday I catch the sent of AF peach and mint. I think I should introduce them to some new flavors here soon!

Besides that, our other two hookahs were setup with:

Bowl setup:
Hookah 1 (three hose) - mix of AF Golden Grape and a bit of Jasmin and Mint. Again, mint on the bottom then golden grape, then a slight layer of Jasmin. (The ladies at the party loved this mix. It was fruity enough, but refreshing with the mint and jasmin)
Hookah 2 (mixed for me and 3 other hookah smokers) - layer of mint/lemon mixed, layer of AF white grape and AF plum, layer of AF strawberry) We LOVED this mix, again it hits in bursts of flavor. We could especially taste the strawberry when we blew rings for some reason

Vase setup:
Hookah 1: standard amount of ice, a shot of rasberry vodka, and filled the rest of the way with Fuse raszberry Grape juice.
Hookah 2: standard amount of ice, half Rockstar energy juice drink (flavor M80) half Fuse strawberry bannana juice.

Coal setup:
Both used 3 peices of exotica coals. Rotated in 3 new coals after about 45 minutes for the three-hose, rotated in 2 new coals for the tall hookah (hookah 2) used windcover on hookah 2.

Hookah 1: I only smoked this for a few minutes to make sure it was good and wasn't burning/tested it ever so often to rotate coals etc... BUT i must say with the jasmin and mint, and peppermint tea in the base it gave it a really refreshing, clean after taste. The Golden Grape along with the rasberry vodka and Fuse Raszberry Grape juice gave it a nice fruity flavor right when you pull. Overall, the Vodka was more of a novelty for the girls who asked for it, and I didn't notice any other effects it added besides a slight cooling effect when you inhale, it was tasty though.
Hookah 2: This was a great session. One of the best I have had. Sometimes when you mix you end up with bland flavors, but this time I picked our mixes well and it turned out to be a very tasty session, no harshness at all, and pretty thick smoke.

Try some of them out if you get adventurious.

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