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Originally Posted by kalutika View Post
How would something that changes flavor be good for an activity in which you taste next to nothing? That would be a waste in my eyes.

The berries are good for foods that you actually want to taste and reflect upon.

also it only affects how the tongue registers sour/acidic food.
In its defense, I must say there are a lot of foods with a significant amount of acidity. Your tongue senses bitter, salty, sour, sweet, and another taste of which does not matter. This fruit distorts and enhances 3/4 of the main tastes. I used this with food I normally eat and it made the experience more enticing. Sugars were marbled in my mouth, if that makes sense. Sweet things tasted so much better. I use lemon in my cooking as well as many bitter spices. Garlic for example isn't that great by itself or even when its cooked. I recieved a sweetened sensation in a garlic chicken dish I made. I really enjoyed it. Now instead of using the miracle fruit, I would add some sweet ingredient, may it be sugar or anything else for that matter, just so I could create a similar tasting dish.

On top of that I'm not a sweets kind of person, but this suited me well. I hope you get to try it once before you completely come to decision on it.
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