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Default Re: Major accident.... leave yor coals away from the hookah!

would have been a great YOUTUBE flick

Originally Posted by OCMusicJunkie View Post
So tonight I had what was my most embarrassing hookah mistake yet. Many of us have dropped coals and burned your carpet, but nothing to this scale...

I had my half-full CH quick-light box on the coffee table, and my Syrian standing right between it and my sofa. I used the little battery powered fan to ash the bowl, without thinking about the open box of coals.

I go back to smoking, only to see about 15 seconds later, a GIANT flame coming from the box. I must have blown a lit piece of coal into the box.

I grab the cover of the box with my tongs and carry it outside, where it continues to burn like it's the 4th of July.

Funny in hindsight, but scary as hell for about 30 seconds. I'm just glad my fire alarm didn't go off.
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