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Originally Posted by aznfamous View Post
In its defense, I must say there are a lot of foods with a significant amount of acidity. Your tongue senses bitter, salty, sour, sweet, and another taste of which does not matter. This fruit distorts and enhances 3/4 of the main tastes. I used this with food I normally eat and it made the experience more enticing. Sugars were marbled in my mouth, if that makes sense. Sweet things tasted so much better. I use lemon in my cooking as well as many bitter spices. Garlic for example isn't that great by itself or even when its cooked. I recieved a sweetened sensation in a garlic chicken dish I made. I really enjoyed it. Now instead of using the miracle fruit, I would add some sweet ingredient, may it be sugar or anything else for that matter, just so I could create a similar tasting dish.

On top of that I'm not a sweets kind of person, but this suited me well. I hope you get to try it once before you completely come to decision on it.
I know the miracle fruit well. I love it. I was not questioning the validity of it I was pointing out that "chugging" anything would be foolish if you are trying to experience a new flavor. I can see how you misunderstood my statements out of context but I quoted the post I was referring to. Please read the whole post.

I understand that there are a lot of foods that have minor acid in them. Most actually that are not processed and are derived from a natural source. I was pointing out that if you were drinking something alcoholic (because that is what the post was about) most spirits would not see much change.

Also just to clarify the protein affects how your tongue registers acid. The reason bitter things change is because most "bitter" flavors have some association with or are accompanied by an acid.
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