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Default Re: Thicker smoke (revisited)

Originally Posted by Rob416 View Post
soo yeah glad to hear everything is workin out but that hookah is mad tiny its easy to get harsher smoke with a smaller stem.. you should look into somthing a little bigger if you can like a syrian they smoke like a dream.. but once again glad to hear you got everything worked out..
Yeah I've heard so many theories on the smaller vs. larger issue. I've found that it really doesn't make a difference for me. It's all heat management at the bowl, not how long the stem is. The longer stem only gives a slightly cooler smoke. I've got a Bambino, 28", 30", and 40" and haven't really noticed much of a difference between them all. (as long as they are airtight). I'm still experimenting though, mainly between using the 4 coals, and using 2 or 3 and breaking them up to conserve coals.

Here's a question maybe someone can answer, if I have a large enough reservoir in the vase that is far enough away from the port to stop water from entering, wouldn't it be better to have the water as high as possible above the stem to cool the smoke? Wouldn't it allow the stem to get ice cold, and the smoke to stay in the water a little longer? Just a thought.......
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