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Default Smaller hookah realization...

So I've been smoking my Mya Razo for a couple of weeks and love it. I've used both my phunnel and my large clay Egyptian bowl, but never one of the smaller bowls that come with it...

I got great smoke, but it always felt restricted compared to my larger pipes. Tonight I had just enough of the Tangiers Tasty Peach left for a small bowl, so I pulled out the stock one and packed it...

To my surprise, I got MUCH better smoke and easier draws than my larger, "better" bowls.

Conclusion: Larger bowls are great when the stem and hose are thick enough to easily draw air through that much shisha. With a smaller hookah, having a small bowl actually allows easier, cleaner draws... where the same bowl would inhibit something like a KM.

Smoke and learn.
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