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Default Watch your exoticas closely

The is the letter i wrote to Exotic Imports USA today after having a really bad experiance with a set of exoticas and then more scary instances with them while cutting them up.

To whom it may concern:

I just wanted to tell you about my recent bad experience with your coals. Now mind you these were my favorite coal until today because of the quality and they were exactly what they said they were to be on the box. I buy these coals from my local shop and from John at ******* Hookah and you guys on occasion but now I'm changing my mind. I just opened a brand new box from John at ******* Hookah and when I'm ready to open the next I set down usually smoking the hookah and cut up all the fingers in the box to a usable size. Well I was smoking and noticed an awful taste from the fresh coals so I threw them off and grabbed some quick lights, every thing good in the bowl and smoke was great as of that point. Then I happened to look down and found a piece of nylon yarn hanging from the end of the coal I cut the piece from. This was not smokeless, chemical free, odor free, or tastes as described on the box. Im attaching pictures of this coal and a few others. Then I decided to finish cutting the rest of the coals and to my disappointment I found more junk. I found a piece of fishing line about 25 lb test if you gotta know. Then on the final stick of the box I was scoring the finger as usually and my knife would not score one side and this coal had a shard of metal in it. Should I trust the rest of this box of coals at all or should I just pitch it. It bothers me that there may be other coals out there like this and the nylon burning can be harmful to your health. I due understand that smoking isn't good either but I don't need chemicals I didn't sign up for that entering my body. To end this I just want to know if this is an isolated incident or is it possible that I may get another batch like this and if so I will discontinue the use and move on to another brand. If you would like to speak on this matter I have attached e-mail, home address, and phone number.

Travis Troyer
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