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Default Re: Watch your exoticas closely

Ugh you guys!

Okay so...I was going for about 1-2 weeks using only CH's sample coals and Cocos straight.

I switched back to Exoticas this week. Man, there was this nasty ass after taste, to a point I wanted to stop smoking.

Now, I just realized it was the Exoticas! I've never noticed a horrible after taste, or perhaps it was just MY box.

Now, I don't think I wanna buy Exoticas anymore. This is just..>Wrong. I switched to Exotica Japanese charcoals...Alas! Great taste and great heat! Geez thank God I got these to back me up. I think I'm gonna throw away the last 1/3 of my exoticas...Geez this was beyond sickening.

I never noticed this in the past, smoking without them for a long time or not (A aftertaste like that...I would have NOTICED automatically a long time ago). Obviously, something else is going on at that factory and Gabe hasn't been notified until now.
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