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Default Tangiers Kasmir Peach ATTN: SCOOP!

Tangiers Kasmir Peach.

After a few failed attempts at smoking it yesterday, i plan on trying again tonight after dinner. Scoop, i read your how-to about it and it sounds/reads/looks like your method works great.

My question is though: Why is your method so much different than the directions on the package? The directions mention it not needing as much heat as other tobaccos and requiring it to be packed down, but you used a good amount of coal according to your how-to. ??

My biggest problem with the sessions yesterday were a burnt harsh taste and an ass-kicking buzz (i did aclimate it beforehand for 12 hours and it smelled great!). I found the smaller the coals got, it would be closer to actually producing more taste than harshness. I use a Mya Adam hookah with a small funnel bowl. At first i was using a whole Japanese coal broken in two with a below rim level of tobacco, then using less coal after that, (still unsmokeable).

Heat management is probably key here so i'll try a quarter stick of the Japanes coals tonight with a tight pack, if that fails, i'll have to try your method and admit defeat.

Will update in a few hours,

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