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Default Re: Watch your exoticas closely

I buy Exotica coals by the case ( I sell some to local smokers at cost) and despite using or knowing people that have used mountain of the stuff I haven't had any problem at all save having coals split when I tamp them which happens about 1 in 4 sessions and frankly that is not a big deal. While they are not the best coal on the market they are a very good value although I don't like the mess of scoring them.

Clearly something went very wrong with the stuff that 1lowtoy got and obviously He should be give his money back or a new box of coals.

Personally, I think that Zoghal Ghabel, Coconara and Al Awa'el coals are better then exoticas but ZG is only erratically available, Coconara is too expensive so I don't get either very often. Al Awa'el is as good as Coconara and only about 20% more expensive then Exoticas so I think that is what i'll make my regular coals.
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