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Default Re: Watch your exoticas closely

Originally Posted by ZenSilk View Post
Holy shit. Gabe deserves to lose every single trickle of business for this. This is the worst quality control I have ever seen. How the fuck did that even happen?? just proves how absolutely fucked up Exoticas and the people who make them are.
Heh a little harsh zen?

well this is completely out of his hands...The factory where they make his coals are in china and obviously he can't stand there everyday to see how his coals are.

Remember when that outbreak (poison??) got into various dog foods last year? People blamed the companies when it wasn't their fault, but the manufacturers/factory in CHINA (eek!).

I think I'm gonna email Gabe and tell him I've had a bad batch too and that I did fin some pieces of METAL in it (i thought it was a rock )

I think his workers or whoever is in charge of that factory for Gabe is really trying to make Gabe go down the shithole
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