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Default Re: need help with parents about smoking hookah

I had this problem. im about to turn 19 now and i have been freely able to smoke my hookah in my room at my parents house for a few months now. they are the typical anti-anything type of parents. when they found out i did hookah they were like " omg drug addict!!" and would not let me smoke in the house but i explained to them what it was, and that ive never touched any illegal drugs, and that i dont even smoke cigs. just hookah. they still dont like it but they agreed i am 18 its legal and dont care that i smoke in my room but they prefer the garage. lol. just explain to them its not illegal its much much much healthier then cigs.and its not drugs that get you high or anything and it doesnt leave a disgusting smell around the house like cigs do. just keep tryin man theyll come around eventually and if not then i guess its time to move out?
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