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Default Re: Watch your exoticas closely

Originally Posted by Bobby View Post
Remember a long time ago, the thread about Nour? There was metal in there as well. This is probably an isolated incident. Weird shit happens, people. Stop jumping on every single little thing, to point fingers at Gabe. I'm sure it was a manufacturing defect. I've been to gabe's warehouse and he's had 1000+ cases of exotica (containing 12 boxes in each case, containing 25 sticks) at a time. Do you all seriously think he can examine every single stick to find perfection? The best thing to do is contact him about it and let it be known, to HIM. He's very reasonable and will handle it accordingly and will also most likely contact the manufacturer to see what the hell went wrong.

I once found a boot in a batch of charcoal. I contacted the importer, and instead of giving me free coal, they sent the other boot to match it. </joke>

+1 thank you finally someone sees my point
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