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Default Re: Watch your exoticas closely

Originally Posted by mattathayde View Post
just going to put it out there, does everyone really think the coal material magically appears in the vats? it all comes in bags, the bags are made from cloth/paper, the bags are closed with string/staples/wire.

yes nothing should get in but hair gets in food even at high class restaurants, you get lemon cars, lemon computers, bad cell phones.

the only way to find out the issues with something is to use it, all of it. unless you want a box of ash they will not and cannot catch every issue.

should it have happened? no, did it happen? yes. you cant a cheap decent coal then you will have issues.

quality, time (being in this case the ability to keep stock up), cost, pick 2, you cant get all 3
Eating a hair can not hurt you.
A computer not working is not dangerous.
Smoking nylon, whether it be nylon cord or nylon mono-filament (fishing line) is very bad for you.
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