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Default Re: Watch your exoticas closely

Guys i dont want to scare people away from exoticas at all. I just wanted people to be aware of what there smoking im sure not every box is like this, just one, two or even just mine. But its good just to check every thing well. check the ends after cutting for impurites if there good light them up. Gabereil sounded very concerned about his product and said that he would come to the bottem of this. He said that once he recives the bad coals from me there going straight to the manufacturing facility to find out the reasoning why. Granted things like i found in my coals really cant be good at all, but hell ive even found hair and a piece of black plastic in my af and i wrote them about a month ago and got no responce. So to get a phone call and a returne e-mail from gaberiel in less than 24 hours shows atleas a effort and a concern for his product. I proably will continue to use exotica's due to his customer service but will pay more attention to them. Please dont shy away from them just cause one incodent, now if more and more would show up then this would be a sign of concern but till then i dont think im gonna completly shy away from exoticas. You have to rember he is trying to make a living like the rest of us and this is his livelyhood cause trust me if soex is as bad as every one says, ecoticas is all he is making money from. So.... dont throw them away yet just check em real good and light em up if they smell good, they should be ok.
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