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Default Re: Tangiers Dogging

Originally Posted by Seth_DeNightshade
I thought the original subject of this topic was something else.

I also wonder if it's really about tangiers the product, or because of tangiers the person?

I have recently started to smoke Tangiers and following the basic advice have enjoyed some great sessions. I don't get very buzzed - just very relaxed.

It's actually quiet easy to get going and smoke well.

I was very dubious about the lack of heat required... but having used 1/2 the normal amount of coals it was really good.

Just my 2p's worth.

You have got to be kidding right? No one even eluded to Tangiers the all. This thread was about why a select few people have dogged tangiers in various threads. One of them being me I am sure because I can recall doing it a couple of times. Thats all. Never made mention of the person only the horrible smell and taste I experienced and the inability to go through the riual to make it work. But it doesnt surprise me that somebody would twist it and develop a conspiracy theory. Dont look too hard into it JD, its only about tobacco here, we dont care about creating any drama with vendors or manufacturers. We are only giving our own unbiased opinions of products and flavors that WE personally like in a setting that allows it without editing or deleting posts because it doesnt conform.
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