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Default Re: Watch your exoticas closely

Originally Posted by larrypzlast View Post
Cmon now, ~90+% of his boxes are great. and a couple go bad and 50+ people turn? Get a grip. Its hard keeping up with the amount of product he has to ship out, so give him some slack. He is going to take the neccesary measures to fix the problem, isn't that enough?

If you are bitching about a 8 dollar box of coals, that are probably gonna get refunded anyway, you got bigger issues.

How do you think exotica imports feels, seeing all this people turn away from a product because of a few flaws. Wouldn't want me to kick in your lemonade stand, and bitch about how there isn't enough sugar in it would you?

Lets give him a chance to right the wrongs.
Could've said it better myself :P I think I'm gonna wait it out until Gabe is able to find out how this happened until I buy another box. Or I just might go down his warehouse and pick up a box myself when I get another car (long ass story about what happened to my original its all good though).

I still believe in these coals ^_^ Mishaps happen all the time, no matter what the product is and who makes it.
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