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Default Re: Watch your exoticas closely

Originally Posted by kalutika View Post
My point is that people have a right to get a little worried if there are hazardous chemicals coming through their hose. You can't just brush it off as something to be accepted.

Having something that does not work or is a minor inconvenience is not a good parallel to inhaling harmful and potentially deadly chemicals.

As a side note if you catch hep from a hair in your soup that hair would have to be dripping with body fluid. the hair can not transfer hepatitis. Also please show me a circumstance when a computer not working could be as dangerous as inhaling burning plastic for prolonged periods of time.
i am not saying to brush off the fact that there are bad things in there im saying the fact they are in there thus creating duds would have to happen sooner or later.

i didnt mean catching hep from a hair i mean catching hep from a restaurant which happens all the time

when a computer not working could prove life threatening? construction, automotive tuning, safety control systems. honestly if i have to explain when you could have issues with a computer that could be life threatening you have been under a rock for the last 15 years

im not trying to brush it off but i am trying to put it in perspective that the only way you are going to get something that is perfect is if you have some one hand making them and pay out the butt for them. i.e. high end watches and cars, jewelry, etc. and even then things go bad at least once

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