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Default Re: CONTEST! - Hookah Freak's Blend Off!

Great cusotm blend video sambooka, dont worry i wont tell everyone your blend, ill let you do the honrs.
when we blended sambooka's custom shisha i made extra for me to try, it was very tasty! he has a great chance to win, he also is thinking of entering again.
Just so everyone knows, you can enter the contest more than once.
if some people happen to enter the same blend then we will contact the particiapnats and have them get more technical with the blend, we will have you set the percentages of each flavor more accuretly so they will not be the same, also the name and description will be different so that will help.

In sambooka's video, there was one thing he said wrong. with the tournament style voting- when we get to the top 10 voted blends, we will send a smaple of each of the top ten to everyone who particiaptes in the contest. you will be able to try 1 bowl of each of the top 10 voted blends and you will vote on your favorite. only those who participate will be able to vote on the top 10.

If anyone has any questions about the contest or rules just let me know.
if most of you dont know, i am the owner of Hookah Freak Blended shisha, i am very excited to be able to let a customer create the new flavor for my shisha and it will totally be decided on by other hookah smokers.

The Hookah Freak
The Freak's Blend-Off
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