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Default Re: need help with parents about smoking hookah

i have parents that are more lax on alota things but smoken and drinkin and tats/peircings are not one.

they threw a fit when i got my ear pierced they said if i ever got a tat i'd be kicked outta the hosue and blablabla

they almost booted me for smoken black n milds, finally something clicked in there heads(after i had a fulltime job and payin for my own crap) that im a grown person i take care of all my own things and that i could move out and live on my own if wanted but since i stay and help them financially they let me do what ever i want with no greif

its about mutual respect basically once you have there respect as being your own person and you respect them and there wishes things will go alot smoother

my parents hate me smoken but my dad will watch me pack a bowl and has an idea of how to now lol he is interested in smoken but just hates the smell
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