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Default Re: Strong flavor, little buzz

Since I don't ever get a buzz I am a bit lost as to what people mean by the term but I've concluded that they are referring to either CO intake or nicotine intake. Since I smoke unwashed, rich tasting stuff I think that being buzzed is basically a matter of how you smoke. If the issue is CO intake the way you get less of it is not inhale or shallowly inhale and pacing your self by waiting at least thirty seconds between drags. Naturally you should use natural coals and see that they are fully lit before use. If you want to smoke unwashed, shisha like Fumari, Nakhla Afzal or more traditional stuff without getting a buzz then simply don't inhale and you'll get very little nicotine into your bloodstream. Forget about big clouds to impress your friends and focus on the tastes and textures of the moassel.
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